Ogema to Weyburn

Once we have had breakfast and packed we head back to Ogema where Deb picked mecup yesterday. Before leaving Assiniboia we make a stop outside the library where we can access wi-fi and catch up on emails, texts and blog postings. Access to the internet even our ability to use our phones to make calls has been an ongoing issue. The internet is so rare that on the signage coming into town they advertise that there community has access to the world wide web. Yet another thing we big city folks take for granted.

When Deb drops me off I make the mistake of thinking I have 50 km to cycle when it is actually 50 miles and tell Deb I will see her in a couple of hours. With no way to communicate, I pedal as hard as I can covering the 80 km in 2 hours and 32 minutes. This was the fattest ride I think I’ve had since Victoria. In all, there were only 236 feet of elevation gain over the 80 km.

In Weyburn, we find a local restaurant on the main street for lunch. The lady that waits on us I’m guessing is 90. Not sure if she is the owner or needs to subsidize her income. She does a great job of getting us water, coffee, our lunch and refills. Sge is even on the till when we leave.

Now we are on our way the Estevan where our niece Samantha lives on a beef farm. Tomorrow will be my third day off and I’m really looking forward to it. Samantha is playing on a golf tournament so we kill a bit of time picking up supplies before meeting her a local steakhouse for dinner. After dinner we follow Sam for the 1/2 hour drive out to the farm.

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