Lafreche to Ogema

Deb drove me the 42 km back from Assiniboia to Lafreche. We started a bit later today as the overnight temperature dropped to 2c and it was still quite chilly at 8 a.m. I started riding from Lafreche at 9:45. Cycling back into the campground at Assiniboia arriving around 11:30. Lunch at the campsite and then off to try to cut the 162 km between Assiniboia and Weyburn in half. If I could do that then the next day would be another short day at around 80 km. The plan from Weyburn is to drive south to Estevan to spend some time with our niece Samantha.

The day is spectacular, sunny but not too hot, an ideal cycling day and the traffic us very light. There is a slight wind but it doesn’t make an impact on cycling.

Cyclists have probably noticed, at least the ones that cycle in the country, but drivers probably haven’t noticed how curious cows are. As you cycle by a field of cows most of them look up from what they are doing and actually follow you as you ride by. Some even move closer to the fence to get a better look. Sheep on the over hand pay you no attention.

After lunch I cycle 50 miles to exactly where I had hope to get to today. In all the day was an 80.4 miles (128.9 km) ride. The ride tomorrow will be an easy 80 km into Weyburn.

The end of another growing season.

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