Nipigon to Schreiber

When we started the day neither of us realized this would be my last cycling day this year on the cross-Canada trek. First thing this morning we realize we are very low on propane. (Yet another rookie RV owner mistake) We use propane mainly for cooking and heating the RV. With the temperature so low... Continue Reading →

Thunder Bay to Nipigon

It is extremely cold in the morning and the expected high temperature for the day is 9c. I'm really starting to think that I have made a mistake starting this cycling trip so late in the year that now I'm dealing with almost winter like weather. With the temperature so low and the expected high... Continue Reading →

Kakabeka to Thunder Bay

Cycling into Thunder Bay from Kakabeka today will be a short, easy 30-35 km ride. It is still quite cold and there is still a significant wind. The nice thing is that a few km down highway 17 (Trans-Canada) my Garmin directs me off the highway onto back streets that although narrow have little to... Continue Reading →

Upsala to Kakabeka Falls

Another dreary day with strong head winds. It is getting a bit depressing. It would be really nice to have a sunny day. It would be even nicer to have a sunny day with either no wind or perhaps a wind pushing me along. Not to be. There isn't much difference from yesterday. The road... Continue Reading →

Vermilion Bay to Ignace

I would really like to get to Thunder Bay in three days but it is 390 km. That means I need to average 130 km each day. Therefore, my destination today should be Ignace. The sky is completely covered in thick Grey clouds. It looks like it could rain any minute and if it started... Continue Reading →

Kenora to Vermilion Bay

The weather forecast for today indicates a 90% chance of rain between 9-11 a.m. After 11 a.m. the chance of rain drops off to less than 10% for the balance of the day. We need to do laundry, I could use some time to catch up on my blog and try to figure out how... Continue Reading →

Ignace to Upsala

Like yesterday the sky is completely covered with grey clouds and again it looks like rain at any minute. It has been several days since we have seen any significant amount of sunshine. It didn't rain yesterday so we set off with a goal of reaching Upsala at a minimum and hopeful beyond. Upsala is... Continue Reading →

Our Toilet Issue

Several people have asked about our RV plumbing issue, whether it has been resolved. Sorry that I neglected to update everyone but yes I am happy to report the advice on YouTube worked and we were able to fix the problem. Those of you that volunteered to either pick Deb up at the airport or... Continue Reading →

Prawda to Kenora

It is freezing. Last night we had to turn on our arctic pak so the water in the RV wouldn't freeze. There is a strong bitterly cold wind. I'm dressed in everything (biking) that I brought multiple layers on top, long pants, socks and full-fingered gloves that Paul left for me. To make matters worse... Continue Reading →

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