Grassland to Assiniboia

Grassland campground
Alone the road

Since we had a great night sky last night and since the moon was still going to be a factor tonight we decided we should move on. I had now cycled for 19 out of the last 21 days and had it in my mind that today was going to be a day off so I really didn’t want to get back on the bike. Initially I convinced myself to just get on and cycle to the next community a mere 18 km away. That got me going and in the end I covered nearly 60 miles.

Deb picked me up in Lafreche and we drove into Assiniboia where we had lunch at a restaurant run by a guy who had moved there in October from northern India. I always wonder how people end up where they are so I asked him. It was simple his sister lived there. What I should have then asked was why his sister moved to Assiniboia. He talked about how different living here was compared to India, culture, language, temperature difference from +46 to -46. He was very interested in our RV so he and his wife came out to have a look inside.

Assiniboia is known for its Art Gallery so that was our next stop. It is impressive and even more so when you realize how small a community Assiniboia is. The collection was assembled by a local businessman, William Shurniak. He was born and raised down the road in Limerick but felt the community was to small to sustain an art gallery so he built this one in Assiniboia. He had spent most of his career in banking before becoming the CEO for a large Chinese company. The gallery has a collection of both Canadian and International originals including works by the Group of Seven and Doris McCarthy. Admission Free.

The couple (Gord & Laura) at the campsite next to us are from Salt Spring Island and traveling back there from Newfoundland. I should mention that they are traveling in a classic 1976 GMC RV. They also have a dog with them a labradoodle. Maggie and their dog Leo have a much needed playtime together. We exchange contact information, they make a donation to Therotaryrideforkids and I tell them that I will be out to visit next year when I hope to hike the West Coast Trail with my Little Brother Ed.

We are booked into the Municipal Campground for two nights.

Sunrise at Grassland National Park

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