Cypress Interprovincial Park to Grassland National

My goal today was to reach Cadillac. I was looking forward to cycling today as the heat was to break with a predicted high of only 19 c. When we awoke, it was raining so back to sleep.

By the time we had breakfast and packed everything it was nearly 8:30 and by the time Deb drove me back to where she picked me up at the junction of highway 21 and 13 it was 9 a.m. From Cadillac the plan was to drive to Grassland National Park for 1-2 nights. The park is one of the few spots designated as a blackout area to enhance your view of a night sky and on some occasions a location in Southern Canada to view the Northern Lights.

Besides the weather I had been assured that highway 13 was paved all the way. Well every day has its challenges and today again, it was the wind. At best, I was fighting a crosswind that could literally alter your course with a gust and when the road ventured north a really strong head wind. Whoever said Saskatchewan was flat hasn’t cycled across the southern part of the province.

I met Deb in Eastend where we had lunch at Jack’s Cafe. We also drove by the hone of Pulitzer Prize winning author Wallace Stegner. Another 32km of cycling we would arrive in Shaunavon. After a pint at the Overtime Pub Deb headed off to get groceries while I continued to cycle.

From Cadillac we drove to Val Marie access point to Grassland National Park. Val Marue is the home town of Bryan Trottier. Trottier played 18 seasons in the NHL with 6 Stanley Cup wins in his career as s player.

When we arrived at Grassland we found 15 of the 20 sites occupied. It is hard to describe how something that is so devoid of anything can be so beautiful. The vast open space has a beauty you need to see yourself to understand and appreciate.

We had come with the idea that we might stay 2 nights. We were fortunate to have a cloud free night on our first night. Our only problem was a full moon which lessened the stars visible. It was still stunning but nothing like it could have been

Wallace Stegner’s home in Eastend
Morning sky
Sunset at Grassland National Park

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  1. Great to follow your adventures Mike and showing us parts of our beautiful country. Good luck and safe travels as we continue to follow you.


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