Cypress Hills to Cypress Hills

What a difference a day can make. Today after a nice hot shower and breakfast, I set off without the worry of how to get to where I needed to cycle. Right out of the park was the paved highway. The road was winding and quite hilly. Unfortunately, the hills were too far apart to use the momentum gained from flying down one to propel you up the next. Little traffic, in fact only 9 vehicles over nearly 50 km on this particular road. I didn’t even need to take my shoes off to keep track.

Some of you might be asking why we seem to be heading south almost to the US Border. We’ll our niece Samantha, lives on a farm outside of Estevan and we plan to visit with her. Also while in the area we want to stay at Grasslands National Park, known for night skies and at times a good place to see Northern Lights.

At lunch we labd in Consul where there is a bakery/restaurant/motel/art gallery, Manley’s Bread & Honey Bakery. The two ladies running the place are wonderful, helpful with information and directions. On the wall a world map covered with push pi s showing where their visitors have come from. It was surprising to see, in the middle of nowhere, to see they had visitors from all over the world – Australua, New Zealand, Niger, Zambia, Russia, Ecuador as well as all over Europe and North America. Now including one for Sarnia.

How you ask can you cycle for hours and end up in the same park at night? Well as the name indicates, the park traverses the Alberta-Saskatchewan border. Yes that means we crossed from Alberta to Saskatchewan – 2 provinces down, 8 to go.

Guess you only get a small welcome if you cross on a backroad.
The ladies at Manley’s Bakery.
Bales of hay as far as you can see.

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