Estevan – A day off

We are surprised by the size of Estevan and how much new construction there is across the community both commercial and residential.

We have lots to do today. The RV is overdo for an oil change and Samantha has made an appointment to take it in. The local Rotary Club meets at noon at the Days Inn and I could really benefit from a visit to a chiropractor and/or a massage.

While waiting for the oil change I have an opportunity to wander around part of the community. I make a visit to the community centre which incorporates the library, indoor pool, hot tub, ice rink, curling rink, an indoor track, a covered outdoor basketball court, a full gym/workout space as well as offices for the Arts Council and community recreation offices. I inquire about getting a day pass and as a senior I’m told $5,50. A full year membership for a senior only $400. The facility is beautiful an a significant asset to the community.

Later I meet Deb and Samantha for a late lunch before heading back to the farm for the balance of the day and a homemade steak dinner. Of course the steak is from one if their own cows.

A view from the road
Estevan Civic Centre

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