Lundbreck to Fort MacLeod

Our ride today is short, a little over 68 km and the terrain is rolling. We have a significant tail wind and it seems effortless to cycle at 20+ miles per hour. At the end of the day we covered the 68 km in just under 2 1/2 hours. Several things of note (1) the change in the landscape, (2) great wide paved shoulders, wide enought that we could cycle abreast (3) a lot less grasshoppers on the road, and (4) gas at 146.9 a lt.

On route we made a short stop at a service centre on the Pikani Reserve. We get into a conversation with one of the other customers, Chris. He lives on the reserve and while he was born and raised here he mentioned that he had lived other places including Vienna and Munich while playing with the band Big City Indians. If you aren’t familiar with the band you should check them out on YouTube. Chris mentions that the loneliest days of the year are Christmas, New Years, and Easter. He states “you just want to be with your family” and that is what brought him home to Alberta.

When we arrive in Fort MacLeod we take a ride through the historic downtown (one of only 2 in Alberta designated as historical). Fort MacLeod has been the location of many films including; Ghostbusters – Afterlife, Interstellar, Let Him Go, Brokeback Mountain, as well as scenes from the TV show Fargo and the HBO series The Last of Us.

At the camp we have what is considered a premier site, right on the river. The river is shallow with a very fast current. After a swim, lunch and a rest; Paul and I take a taxi into town to check out the local microbrewery, Stronghold. A $25 cab ride takes us the 4-5 km into town and drops us at a beautiful old building in the centre of town. Nice location for a microbrewery. Upstairs at the back of the building they have added a well-appointed patio with comfortable furnishings and kite shades. We each sample three different pints and are impressed with their selection. On the way back we pick up two pizzas at MacLeod’s and our driver gives us a $25 ride back. Time for a campfire. Tonight is the first place we have been where there isn’t a fire ban.

Along the road.
The Stronghold Microbrewery.

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