Fort MacLeod (a day off)

Yesterday was Paul’s last cycling day. Today he takes a shuttle to Calgary and tomorrow he flies to London, home to Sarnia, his wife Nicole and work. Someone has to keep working to pay for health care for us retirees.

We thought it was time for another rest day so once Paul was off we started on RV and bike maintenance, a little site seeing and some R&R. First stop was a laundromat. We found one next to a Cafe in town, which meant we were able to put the laundry on and have breakfast at the same time. It’s been years since using a laundromat and I was surprised by the price, $19 for two loads.

A walk through downtown, the purchase of fresh baked goods and then we’re off to visit Waterton National Park. I had visited the park many years ago but this was Deb’s first.

Waterton Patk in Alberta, Canada is joined with Glacier Park in MO tana, USA. This happened when the US Congress and Canadian Parliament in 1932 each passed legislation creating the “Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park”. The impetus to make the dream a reality came from Rotary. At a goodwill meeting of Rotarians from Alberta and Montana on 1931 a unanimous resolution passed to establish an International Prace Park.

The Park was designated a Workd Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995. Joining sites that include, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, the Serengeti in Tanzania and over 730 sites worldwide.

Back in Fort MacLeod we stop for groceries. We learn a couple of other interesting things. Fort MacLeo is where singer songwriter, Roberta Joan Anderson, better know as Joni Mitchell was born. It was also home to Canadian women’s rights activist Henrietta Muir Edward’s. She founded the National Council of Women and the Victorian Order of Nurses. She was one of “the Famous Five”.

Stronghold Brewery downtown Fort MacLeod
Empress Theatre Fort MacLeod
Waterton Provincial Park

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