Kenora to Vermilion Bay

The weather forecast for today indicates a 90% chance of rain between 9-11 a.m. After 11 a.m. the chance of rain drops off to less than 10% for the balance of the day. We need to do laundry, I could use some time to catch up on my blog and try to figure out how to link the blog to an event page on Facebook. We decide to delay our departure until around 11 a.m. and head off to find a laundromat. I thought the last laundromat in Fort MacLeod was expensive, a load of wash I’m this one is $15.00. Deb initially thought it was $1.50.

By 11 a.m. I am on the road heading from Kenora to a destination as yet undetermined. The distance from Kenora to Thunder Bay is about 490 km on the Trans-Canada and closer to 570 if you take highway 71 and 11. Last night I read two Cy list blogs to try to decide which would be the better route. Both of these Cy lists opted for 71 and 11 buy neither had cycled the Trans-Canada between the two cities. Their reasoning was that they felt that this route even though longer would be better due to less traffic. I’m sure that they are right about the level.if traffic but in the end I decide to take the shorter Trans-Canada route. This should hopefully save me about 4 hours of additional cycling. The Trans-Canada is busy but I’m happy with the wide paved shoulder and I’m sure the traffic is down considerably from what it would be in the summer months. It also (today at least) seems to be the better option with regard to the wind.

The rolling hills that started yesterday continue and perhaps increase today. Long slow ascents. Over the course of the day I end up gaining 2200 feet while dropping slightly fewer feet.

In the end, I set a goal of reaching Vermilion Bay and we were successful in doing so. That knocks about 100 km off the distance to Thunder Bay. We check into a campground on a lake and we are the only people staying there tonight.

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