Ignace to Upsala

Like yesterday the sky is completely covered with grey clouds and again it looks like rain at any minute. It has been several days since we have seen any significant amount of sunshine. It didn’t rain yesterday so we set off with a goal of reaching Upsala at a minimum and hopeful beyond. Upsala is about 100 km down the road and that would leave around 140 km to reach Thunder Bay.

The road continues to be rolling but only a couple of hills are of any significance. There is still a wide paved shoulder, well at least until we reach English River where it disappears. Good thing I have decided, once again, to ride Paul’s bike. As I mentioned yesterday the much wider tires are far better on the gravel shoulder.

The gravel shoulder continues about 15 miles returning to wide paved shoulder before reaching Upsala. The joy of the return to a paved shoulder is short lived as almost immediately the slight drizzle turns to full on rain. That’s it for me today. Perhaps I could have cycled further had it not been for the rain. It looks like I might need to consider getting into Thunder Bsy on Tuesday rather than the hoped for Monday. We will have to wait to see what tomorrow brings.

A beautiful old church along the road.

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