Princeton to Summerland

Today was to be the first of a number of days cycling off road on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail. Starting in Princeton the goal was to cycle to Summerland approximately 100 kms away. We started but all agreed after only 5 miles that it wasn’t an option. Two days of rain had made what was difficult near impossible. We estimated at the rate we were able to move the trail ride would be over 10 hours in duration. Fortunately the Princeton-Summerland Road runs close to the trail. The result was a much more enjoyable ride even though we significantly increased the elevation we encountered. The scenery was stunning and there is no better way to enjoy it than cycling. Deer ran along the roadside and we encountered very little traffic. Unfortunately after about 50 km the paved road turned to gravel for the next 40 km. The elevation gained during the ride exceeded 3,600 feet while the descent exceded 4 000 feet. Overall this was a spectacular day. One we all agreed was the best so far. At the end of the day we located a free place to camp with a beautiful view over the valley. Bonus.

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