1st few days on the Mainland

Since leaving the island we have put in 4 days of cycling. Sorry for the lack of communication, it seems each day where we start and stop there is no wifi. There is probably wifi in between but during the day we are focused on cycling not blogging. Today I’m writing from an RV camp in Princeton sitting in the RV during the second day of torrential rain storms. Fortunately each day we have finished our ride before the rain. Since we landed on the mainland we have travelled 300 km. On back roads we have, of course, cycled a greater distance. The ride has been varied. Lots of uphill climbs and logically, then, lots of descents. Yesterday alone we had elevation gains of 3,550 feet and today an additional 2,000 feet.

One thought on “1st few days on the Mainland

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  1. The Hope Princeton is no easy feat! And you did it! Just a few more of those and after that it should be smooth sailing in comparison! you are amazing!! Good going!


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