Nipigon to Schreiber

When we started the day neither of us realized this would be my last cycling day this year on the cross-Canada trek.

First thing this morning we realize we are very low on propane. (Yet another rookie RV owner mistake) We use propane mainly for cooking and heating the RV. With the temperature so low at night we need propane. When we inquire we’re told there is nowhere in Nipigon that can fill onboard RV propane tanks. The closest place to get it filled is Thunder Bay. We have no choice we have to go back.

By the time we drive to Thunder Bay, wait to get propane, get a few groceries and make the drive back to Nipigon it is 2 pm. We have lunch before I get ready to ride, only to discover the bike has a flat. By the time I switch out the bikes and get going it is after 3 p.m. My hope of getting to Schreiber (90 km) today is not realistic.

I manage to get about 40 miles (64 km) when I get a call informing me that my good friend of 55 years is failing and his family is moving him into Hospice. When I left for the ride I had promised him that I would be back to see him. I need to go. We immediately started the drive back to Toronto. My cross-Canada initiative is finished for this year. The ride can wait and be finished later. I couldn’t put of seeing one of my oldest friends one last time.

To all my sponsors and donors thank you for supporting Sarnia’s children and youth. Be assured that I am still committed to finishing the cross-Canada trek in 2023.

Taken tonight. It just seemed like an appropriate final photo.

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  1. We were re so sorry that your trip was shortened but hope that you make it back in time for your friend. Our thanks to you both for achieving everything that you did!


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