Upsala to Kakabeka Falls

Another dreary day with strong head winds. It is getting a bit depressing. It would be really nice to have a sunny day. It would be even nicer to have a sunny day with either no wind or perhaps a wind pushing me along. Not to be. There isn’t much difference from yesterday. The road is rolling and winding. The wide paved shoulder at times disappears and traffic if anything is more intense today.

We continue to leap frog down the road 10-15 miles at a time. Not too many people would be willing to spend day after day driving for ten minutes and then wait for close to an hour for a solo Cyclist to arrive looking for food and needing to hydrate. Only to do it all over again for days on end. This journey has started to get monotonous for me I can’t imagine how difficult it has been for Deb and even for our dog Maggie.

When we arrive at Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park we inquire about wi-fi. They don’t have any but suggest a coffee shop, Metropolitan Moose. After coffee, lunch and a check-in on email etc. we head back to see the falls. The falls are an easy walk from the parking lot just inside the park gates and since we aren’t going to stay at the park we pay just $5.25 for a two hour visitor pass. At 40 metres high the falls are the second highest in Ontario and considered one of the most beautiful.

Later we check into a private campground just down the road, Happyland. They have decent wi-fi so we can watch a bit of TV tonight.

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  1. Hi Mike and Deb! Stayed over night at Kakabeka Falls in 1996 on our way to Whiterock BC. Beautiful falls indeed. Hang in there both of you and Maggie. Driving through Ontario is forever it seems. Can’t imagine bicycling it Mike and Deb starting, stopping. Almost home. All the best! Shaun


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