Winnipeg to Prawda

We can’t start too early today as we need to pick the bike up and the bike shop doesn’t open until 10 a.m. Not starting right away isn’t a major issue as there is reported to be a 90% chance of rain at 9 a.m. By the time I get cycling it is 11 a.m. and so far no rain. The afternoon weather shows a very low chance of rain, so hopefully the showers have already passed.

The plan today is get half of the 209 km between Winnipeg and Kenora completed. Doing so will mean I can cycle into Ontario and reach Kenora tomorrow. We set our sights on a little place just off the Trans-Canada called Prawda. It has a well-rated privately owned campground, The Pine Tree where we hope to stay.

Mid-afternoon, the clouds open up and I get drenched. I’m thinking maybe Deb will double back and rescue me but there is no sign of her. A few miles down the road the rain stops and when I finally reach where Deb and Maggie are waiting they had no idea that it was raining because where they were was sunny and dry.

One of the problems we are starting to encounter is that campgrounds are starting to close for the season. We have been one of only a few campers over the last few campgrounds and tonight is mo exception. There is only one other camper at Pine Tree. The owner gives us a really nice site backing on to the river. It would be great place to sit out if it was only a few degrees warner. After showers, dinner and taking Maggie for a walk we play table games in the RV. No TV tonight, the wi-fi signal isn’t strong enough.

The beginning of the day. The Manitoba Legislature in Winnipeg
The end of the day. Pine Tree Campground, Prawda

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  1. Hi Mike, Deb and Maggie. I don’t know where you really are right now but if you are having difficulty finding places to stay we have family in Northern Ontario that I could contact and see if they could offer suggestions or offer their yard or home. Tanya knows a lot more people than I do and also may be able to contact her people.

    Btw you haven’t provided an update on your toilet situation. I’m sure Les and I aren’t the only ones that want to know. Since you keep trekking along I assume it’s been resolved.


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