Weyburn to Carlyle

Before we can get back to cycling we need to check out of the hotel we had moved into when I got sick.  I think I neglected to mention this earlier. Checking out meant clearing out all our stuff we had dragged into the hotel. Then we needed to drive the hour back to Weyburn where I had finished cycling several days ago. Realizing that Weyburn had been the home of Tommy Douglas we stop to explore. We first find his statue and then the Baptist Church where he first preached. The church has been relocated and repurposed as a performing arts centre.

Tommy Douglas spent 17 years as Premier of Saskatchewan and 23 years as a Member of Parlaiment. He is considered the father of Medicare and in a Nation-wide survey conducted by CBC was voted “The Greatest Canadian”. Many might not know that Tommy Douglas is also actor Keifer Sutherland’s grandfather. Keifer attended the unveiling of the statue in Weyburn in 2010. Google photos of Keifer at the unveiling. He looks remarkably like his grandfather.

First day back riding after a few off. Still not feeling 100% but can’t lay around anymore. Not sure how far I will be able to ride so we decide to set off in 15 mile increments and reevaluate at each break. Going at a steady pace around 15 mph will mean that I’m stopping every hour to rest, eat and rehydrate. The hope is to cycle the 70 miles to Carlyle today and this plan seems to make the most sense and set me up with the most likelihood of success. If I get to Carlyle today then I will definitely cycle into Manitoba tomorrow.

The circumstances are almost ideal. Weather-wise there is little to no wind, the temperature is in the mid-teens and clouds obscure the sun. The road is a decent paved surface with a wide paved shoulder protected by a rumble strip and the grade is pretty well flat. You couldn’t pick better conditions for a day of cycling. The ride goes well and over the course of the next 4+ hours we make our way to Carlyle. From Carlyle we drive 12 miles north to stay at Moose Mountain Provincial Park.

On our way into the park we stop at the dump station. Our toilet isn’t flushing properly and we are hoping that emptying the black water tank will solve the problem. It doesn’t. We fill our water tank hoping that might help. It doesn’t. Deb is not happy. One of the great benefits of having an RV is the fact that you have your own toilet especially in the middle of the night. We resort to YouTube and learn what we have been doing wrong and a possible solution. If I can’t get this resolved soon I might be looking for two volunteers one to pick Deb up at the airport in London and a second willing to fly out to drive the RV home. If interested in either position let me know.

Last visit with Samantha before setting off
Tommy Douglas
The Baptist Church where he first preached

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