Creston to Cranbrook

My most challenging day of the trip so far. I think a combination of riding 11 out of the last 12 days, our latest start (left at 9:15 a.m.), and the intense heat (Paul recorded a high of 107 F) all had an impact on my performance. The 101.5 km ride took forever. It was made worse by being along a very busy section of highway 3 with the most transport trucks we have experienced. Deb was nice enough to drive back out from the campground, at Jim Smith Provincial Park, to pick us up at the highway. I don’t think I had enough gas left in the tank to have ridden the steep 4.5 km back road to the site. The other evidence that I struggled today was the fact that when I looked for photos to post I discovered I had only stop once all day to take the attached photo of a bear. The bear was in a stream right beside where we were cycling. When we arrived at the campsite we found we were on a well treed lot adjacent to the lake. It is amazing how much life returns to you after a quick cool swim and a beer. After such a poor performance we made sure we got an early night with intentions for an early start tomorrow.

Only photo today – a Black Bear beside the road

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