MacGregor to Winnipeg

Now that I have left highway 2 for the Trans-Canada, I realize that I hadn't mentioned anything about the route I was on. The route runs from Winnipeg, Manitoba, across Saskatchewan and into Alberta. The highway (2 in Manitoba and 13 in Saskatchewan roughly follows the route the Northwest Mounted Police used in 1876 to... Continue Reading →

Winnipeg to Prawda

We can't start too early today as we need to pick the bike up and the bike shop doesn't open until 10 a.m. Not starting right away isn't a major issue as there is reported to be a 90% chance of rain at 9 a.m. By the time I get cycling it is 11 a.m.... Continue Reading →

Souris to MacGregor

Today has been a long one starting with a wake up at 4:25 a.m. Central Time. We have everything ready for coffee and breakfast, prepare the RV to move and head to the library to access their wi-fi. By 5 a.m. we are watching the funeral. Today was probably my earliest start at 7:45 a.m.... Continue Reading →

Weyburn to Carlyle

Before we can get back to cycling we need to check out of the hotel we had moved into when I got sick.  I think I neglected to mention this earlier. Checking out meant clearing out all our stuff we had dragged into the hotel. Then we needed to drive the hour back to Weyburn... Continue Reading →

A delay in Estevan

Initially our stop in Estevan was just to be a day off with an opportunity to visit our niece. Unfortunately I got either a stomach flu or possibly ate something that gave me food poisoning. Anyway not pretty and the result is a couple of days in bed recovering.

Estevan – A day off

We are surprised by the size of Estevan and how much new construction there is across the community both commercial and residential. We have lots to do today. The RV is overdo for an oil change and Samantha has made an appointment to take it in. The local Rotary Club meets at noon at the... Continue Reading →

Ogema to Weyburn

Once we have had breakfast and packed we head back to Ogema where Deb picked mecup yesterday. Before leaving Assiniboia we make a stop outside the library where we can access wi-fi and catch up on emails, texts and blog postings. Access to the internet even our ability to use our phones to make calls... Continue Reading →

Lafreche to Ogema

Deb drove me the 42 km back from Assiniboia to Lafreche. We started a bit later today as the overnight temperature dropped to 2c and it was still quite chilly at 8 a.m. I started riding from Lafreche at 9:45. Cycling back into the campground at Assiniboia arriving around 11:30. Lunch at the campsite and... Continue Reading →

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